The truth is not yours or mine

There have been countless reactions to Bruce Jenner’s transformation from dude/dad to woman/dad (but is he still a dad?). I have basically ignored much of this story because it’s just annoying to me. Most people see it all for what it is, but there are obviously lots of folks, especially the media, who see him as one who is courageous and in need of praise.

I’m not going to go make this about him. I want to react to those who say that whatever Bruce or anyone believes is their “truth” and it should be respected. I will break this down in 3 simple points…

1. If Bruce Jenner’s “truth” is that he was meant to be a woman, and actually is a woman, then I have a series of questions: My opinion is that he isn’t a woman, he is what God created him to be. Sadly, he is a lost, confused man that happens to be cashing in on and being celebrated for his confusion. Why is my stance not considered my “truth,” and why are those who fight for Jenner’s “truth” not respecting mine? Why is my “truth” also not embraced along with Jenner’s?

2. Truth is not a thing. Truth is not an idea. Truth is not a personal belonging like a tshirt, iphone, house, or car. There are not different kinds of truth. Truth does not come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Here are the first 3 definitions of the word “truth”: (1) the true or actual state of a matter…(2) conformity with fact or reality…(3) a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like.

You might notice that definition #2 says “conformity with fact or reality.” Truth does not conform to our supposed realities. We do not bend, shape, and conform truth. Truth must be conformed to. Truth is that tree that stands by the waters; it shall not be moved.

3. If truth is subjective to the whims of whatever we want it to be, then you cannot argue with me when I say that 2+2=5. But having my “truth” is not enough. You must not only respect my truth, you must embrace it. And if you dissent and tell me that I’m wrong then you must be silenced. In order for my voice to be protected, yours must go away. You must agree with me that 2+2=5 or you will be accused of being racist, hateful, disrespectful, and I will be considered a victim. This will take me far! I might get my own reality show. I’ll, no doubt, get calls for interviews from those who want to parade me in front of the world as a courageous, and I’ll give a speech at the ESPY’s when I win the award. I’ll get richer and richer all while being defended by people who see me as a victim whose “truth” is valid and should be respected. If you think my scenario is ridiculous then consider this; Some guy decides that he thinks he is supposed to be a woman, buys himself some boobs, a facelift, a dress, and a great hair and makeup stylist, goes on TV and wins a courage award. Then I go to search for a story on about an offseason Denver Bronco’s wide receiver signing. Instead I find headlines of the guy who thinks he is supposed to be a girl while actual sports news is WAY down, buried at the bottom! 2+2=5 isn’t far away folks.

So, instead of walking down the road of insanity that America is on right now, I choose to conform to truth, not the other way around. The Bible says “pride goeth before fall” and I will not be prideful and arrogant by believing truth can be mine like my 10 month old believed everything he reaches for should/could be his. I will stand with truth by standing FOR truth. It is not enough for us to stand with truth over in the corner and hide our bushel under a basket. As Bonhoeffer said “Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

Those who stand for truth, in the end, will be ultimately be revealed as the courageous ones; although I definitely do not see any ESPY courage awards in my future.


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